See What's Streaming in May on Shout! Factory TV!

This month, Shout! Factory TV brings you the U.S. debut of Kamen Rider Kuuga and the streaming debut of the Gene Autry Film & TV Library! All 49 episodes of Kuuga are available for streaming right now, and for Gene Autry, Blue Canadian Rockies, Gaucho Serenade, Melody Ranch, South Of The Border and The Strawberry Roan are available now, with more being added each month. Along with masked riders and singing cowboys, there's also the enthralling documentary on the transcending INXS front man, Mystify Michael Hutchence. While for you action fans we have the international thriller, Valentine: Dark Avenger. To close the month, we're proud to present The Carol Burnett Show Marathon featuring 48 hours of curated episodes of the classic show all weekend long on May 30 and 31.


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